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Zoe Taylor’s business management experience has revolved largely around chambers of commerce – and that experience has translated well into her extensive work with associations and organizations other than chambers of commerce. Zoe’s instincts, insights and skills have helped numerous and various nonprofits and other groups build on their own unique foundations to create their own unique programs and efficiencies.

Zoe understands that some of the most valuable nonprofit associations and other groups are not necessarily run by business people. She also knows that the basic rules of commerce apply as well to associations and organizations. With her clear understanding, knowledge, business sense and compassion, Zoe has what it takes to implement a strategy that makes sense to virtually any business group.

Among her techniques, Zoe schedules retreats and helps board members and other group leaders get together and focus on common goals. She helps them create testimonials and facilitate strategies, including progress reviews.

Additionally, Zoe can perform management and performance audits on associations and organizations with recommendations for required efficiencies, effectiveness and compliance.

For information and pricing, e-mail her at: zoe@ZoeJTaylorConsulting.com


Phone: 805-659-1941 • Cell: 805-701-2605

E-mail: zoe@ZoeJTaylorConsulting.com


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