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Chambers of Commerce

Zoe Taylor’s 27 years in organizational management includes extensive work with chambers of commerce. This vast, invaluable experience provides her with the instincts, insights and skills required for your chamber of commerce to thrive in its day-to-day business and during transitions. She has helped numerous Southern California chambers build on their strong foundations by creating new programs and efficiencies while keeping the regular operations functioning and moving forward.

As well as aiding with general chamber business management, Zoe is uniquely qualified to manage your chamber during times of transition, while you are conducting a search for a new chief executive. She specializes in maintaining the consistent and even flow of the chamber that ensures the membership and the community of the organization’s continuity.

And during times of leadership transition, Zoe is willing to relocate to your community to fulfill her interim duties. She can help staff members continue to do their jobs without being burdened with extra duties or stress.

Additionally, Zoe can perform management and performance audits with recommendations for efficiencies, effectiveness and compliance with the special rules and regulations required of chambers of commerce.

For information and pricing, e-mail her at: zoe@ZoeJTaylorConsulting.com



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