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"Her uncanny ability to come in and quietly observe what needed to be done while she was letting the Board get to know her spoke volumes. She first gained their trust and then proceeded to help us reorganize and reestablish ourselves as a viable business entity in the City of Manhattan Beach. Her knowledge of Chamber workings was insightful as well as educational.”

“If I could, I would have paid her double. The help she has given this Chamber has not only set us on a new path, but kept our doors open."

— Jennifer Goldstein, Vice President CommerceWest Bank,
Chair Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce


"Zoe Taylor served the chamber for just under a year, and during that time we implemented a completely new member database, improving reporting and visibility. She helped set the stage for a new website and new programs. She conducted successful community outreach. She hired nearly all new staff while instilling a strong culture of teamwork."

"I would recommend Zoe Taylor to a chamber of commerce board that is in need of an experienced, ready-to-plug-in leader to move the chamber toward the future."

— Scott Hadley, 2013 Board Chair,
Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce


"…Not only did Zoe provide the needed leadership for a very young staff but she implemented one of her signature initiatives for chambers, an organizational audit.

As the new President/CEO I cannot tell you how important that time consuming yet vital program the audit was for this organization. In addition Zoe built new relationships with most of the key stakeholders in this community, paving the way for the new CEO to move forward proactively. She helped the Board develop a strategic plan, new bylaws, a current employee handbook and implemented policies and procedures that will guide the staff in executing its future program of work.

…I heartily endorse her work and recommend her for any project, large or small, that your organization may be contemplating."

— Jerry L. Wheeler, Sr. IOM, President/CEO, Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


Ms. Taylor brought a wealth of knowledge and experience with her and has been an invaluable asset making this transition period at the Chamber seamless. She has interviewed and hired key personnel to fill the two open full time staff positions. She has worked with staff and the Board of Directors to implement a strategic plan and introduced the new programs with its benefits to our membership, which has lead to an increase in membership over the last several months. Ms. Taylor also introduced a new membership database, which has resulted in more accurate Chamber membership information and in turn produced clearer financials, helping the Chamber’s budgeting. Ms. Taylor is a team builder and has established relationships with key organizations, business leaders and city officials.”

— Earl Armstrong, President, Armstrong Assoc. General Contracting


"Zoe stepped in for just short of a year and after receiving direction from the Board of Directors moved quickly to establish the basics needed to get the Chamber back on track. We needed an interim leader to oversee the day-to-day operations and ensure effective tools and people were in place for financial management and membership database tracking, among other things. She was instrumental in helping us get those tools and resources in place. We now have appropriate job descriptions and financial documents to accurately record our finances. We have a better grasp of our membership numbers and categories of businesses. Most importantly, we have tools in place to allow our recently-hired regular full time president and CEO to continue to direct the Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce to places that most benefit our members.

Zoe’s strengths are in helping a chamber create policies and processes that allow a chamber to function as a business advocate. Her toolbox is full or resources from her many years of experience in small, medium and large chambers of commerce. She has a very good understanding of the foundation needed to have a successful business organization."

— Lisa Rivas, Member of the Board and Executive Committee,
Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce


"Zoe is a powerhouse professional who is able to galvanize individuals and make things happen. Among many of her accomplishments, she was instrumental in getting workers' comp reform passed in California, which resulted in businesses saving billions of dollars. Her chamber was one of the first in the region to provide business opportunities by arranging trips to China."

— Karen Kukurin, Deputy Director, Office of Governor,
State of California, under Governor Schwarzenegger


"Zoe came to us in the most severe of times in the history of our chamber. She jumped in with both feet, rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She re-structured our Chairman’s Circle and met with all of our sponsors. She gained commitments of sponsorship dollars that met or exceeded prior commitments. She guided the Board of Directors to develop a strategic Business Plan based on the core competencies of a Chamber, (of which she had to educate all of us). She re-built the bridges of communication with the various sectors of our community by expertly conducting focus groups. She put us in the position of gaining back the trust (and investment) of our business community."

— DeANN FLORES CHASE, Chase Hersman, LLP


"In Zoe Taylor, we not only found the experience that we were looking for; we were treated to an energetic, intelligent, experienced leader that was not afraid of rolling up her sleeves and creating a stable foundation for our permanent replacement. Zoe spearheaded the development of policies and procedures that will help us become a world class chamber. She has continued to impart her extensive experience and knowledge to every task she undertakes.
She has been our ‘guardian angel’ in this transitional time and I would highly recommend her to any organization that needs assistance."

— Domenic Iorfino, President, HB Digital


"Zoe was able to take an organization that was a Chamber in name only, and turn it into a fully functional Chamber, providing the services demanded of Santa Barbara’s business community, in only 10 months. I would most likely not have even considered taking this position had it not been for her work in shaping this organization."

— Kenneth Oplinger, ACE, President/CEO, Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce


"Zoe Taylor has updated or made recommendations to change some of our fundraising programs. She created a new budgeting system. She has streamlined our staff to maximize their potential. Zoe is tireless and is an asset to Chambers of Commerce. Because of Zoe, we are back on our feet and thriving."

— Dennis J. Gallagher, Chair,
Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


"During the time that Zoe Taylor came to assist the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce, my position was chairman elect. As a result of that position, a lot of contact was needed between her and I to keep the Chamber running. In all aspects, my expectations of her were met and exceeded. If something needed to be done right away, it was done right away. There was naturally crises that had to be dealt with and she dealt with them in a professional and effective manner and eliminated them as quick as possible. I would highly recommend her services to any chamber of commerce, whether it was as a consultant or an interim CEO President,as our chamber needed."

— Thomas E. Price, Attorney at Law,
Chair-elect, Kingman Chamber of Commerce


I enjoyed working with Zoe Taylor as our retreat consultant, and found it to be a growing experience for me and our organization. She helped us move from a small, less organized group to a more disciplined, and systematic organization. Zoe’s hands-on approach when working with our planning committee and me as president was essential in the success of our retreats.

she helped us clarify our priorities and our goals, and provided our working groups with an implementation plan and an understanding of the importance of working together toward a shared decision.

ur retreats were a great success!!"

— Beverly McCaslin, President of Ventura Botanical Gardens, Inc. Serving our Ventura County Community


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