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Zoe J Taylor

Zoe J. Taylor

Zoe J. Taylor has over 30 years of organizational management experience. She served as a full time CEO for 26 years in three Southern California chambers of commerce. In the past three years, she has served as an interim CEO in four chambers of commerce. With her unique level of expertise, Zoe has established a consulting firm that is designed to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives through facilitation of a strategic planning process that builds their business plans with comprehensive implementation strategies and accountability.

Zoe performs management and performance audits and creates documents that are in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Her background in organizational management is an added benefit for organizations and associations that require an interim CEO. She can serve as a gatekeeper during a search process and provide direction for new and improved management procedures and processes.

Need help with in-house publishing of directories or interactive multimedia web marketing? Zoe and a team of experts can provide your organization with the coaching and resources needed to enhance profits.

Zoe Taylor has a proven record in the nonprofit world of assisting organizations to maximize their potential.





Phone: 805-659-1941 • Cell: 805-701-2605

E-mail: zoe@ZoeJTaylorConsulting.com


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